Friday, December 10, 2010

Mozambique Fashion Week
I have been invited to the MFW and what a fantastic experience.
They are doing one show per day - 9pm in the evening - in secret venues which means that no one knows where the venue is until 12pm the night before the show. The venues are all absolutely beautiful. Last night it was at the station a old stately building with amazing character. We were fantasizing on chartering a plane filled with our clients and friends bringing them to Maputo for one night - putting minimalist rooms into an old train and having everyone stay on the platform for the evening. There is a fantastic little bar and restaurant in the station - eating there tonight.
The after parties were also kept secret so it was all very secretive and exciting. This can only work in a small town where absolutely everyone knows everyone. I wonder who is going to copy them first as in SA we copy, copy, copy - very few original ideas.
The focus at the MFW is on development. Vasco the owner of MFW is very serious about training and mentoring existing designers - at the moment they do not have a Fashion School in Maputo but they are working on it which is great. MFW worked with Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design in SA.
The models are beautiful - it is a huge challenge to start with nothing and build it year by year - looking at past MFW's you can see enormous progress.
I am staying in the Polana which is really a disappointment - they have renovated it and it is totally ruined, it looks like a one of those revamped chain of hotels in SA - totally without character, such a pity. Service and food is excellent though.
Will post pictures soon. LB

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